Thursday, November 9, 2023

The Peacocks of Peacock Manor

Peacock Manor gets its name from my love of peacocks and the peacock palette of colors.  Deep violet blue, cerulean, vivid cool greens and warm gold color can be found in my paintings and my home. 
This painting is hanging in my kitchen.  Eric Merrell is a wonderful painter and he uses all my favorite colors.  ERIC MERRELL FINE ART   Eric is based in Los Angeles, CA.
Casual kitchen here.  Everything is blue and white but the window is all about green.
My taxidermy peacock used to live in my studio, but due to temperature control I have moved him inside my office in the house.  The cats are ignoring him so far and this is very good.
The photos on the back wall and on the desk are of my Father, Norman Rostoker.  NORMAN ROSTOKER  My Father was a plasma physicist.  He invented a colliding beam fusion reactor and founded the company TAE Technologies.  My Mother owned it and it was called Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor Inc.  Now it is a billion dollar company all based on technology my Father invented.  His legacy is in the hands of TAE and UCI.  Corporations tend to absorb intellectual property and my Father is no different.  

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Peacock Manor Is A Happy House

We spend lots of time in the garden.  Sometimes I can't believe I know how to do this.  This garden is alot of work but worth it for all the flowers.  I cut everything back myself in the fall and plant more dahlia's and Zinnias in the spring.  This summer all my rose bushes got rosettes disease and I had to chop them all down.  I am feeling pretty hardy.  I replaced the roses with lilac bushes, a beautiful blue rose of sharon and three grape vines.  Grapes do really well here.  And the squirrels let me have some.


My kitchen backsplash behind the oven took some time to come together.  I put random multi colored Victorian fireplace tiles around an old delft tile.  Then put a border of delft tiles around everything.  These tiles are from the seventeenth century.  They are all flowers.  I collected them for my future garden.  And here we are!

Here is a church window that is featured in my studio.  My studio is a separate building in the back.

RACHEL UCHIZONO FINE ART    Here is a link to my website.  I am an oil painter.  I love to paint landscapes, peacocks and still life.

Peacock Manor Life Goes On

                 Eventually my home did make a transformation.  The transition from a condemned piece of real estate to a functioning home was a long one.  Once you get lawyers involved the fun got lost.  But here we are in 2023 everything is working out fine.  I settled out of court.  My real estate agents have been my contractors at Park Place Realty,  Valerie and Kelli Eagle and Brittney Sherry have been taking very good care of me and my properties.